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**Our clients get AMAZING results- but this is because they were committed to their success, applied the tools and lessons given in the course, and worked hard to achieve their goals. As a result, we must insert a disclaimer that we can not guarantee that your results will be the same.**

How Jennie, a Registered Nurse Hit 25k/month in Her First Year..

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Was working as a nurse
  • Hit $15,000/month with her first product
  • Reached $25,000/month with her second product
  • Had to deal with constant schedule change
  • Felt the need for greater control over life
  • Didn't have friends who know how to sell on Amazon
  • Wanted freedom over finances and time
  • Jennie now works whenever she wants

From $0 - $100,000 in 8 Months..

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Fired from my job last year
  • You took me under your wing.. Its the best professional change that has ever happened to me
  • Took the course in April 2019
  • Had no e-commerce experience… was a total noob
  • The course takes you on a journey from knowing nothing to becoming a professional!
  • My lifestyle is significantly comfortable now.. I’m enjoying my work a lot more
  • Gonna cross $110,000 today!
  • Investing in yourself is never going to be a bad investment
  • If you learn it and apply it, this can certainly change your Life!

How Mary, a Stay-home Mom Hit a $1000/day with Her First Product..

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Was on a maternity leave
  • Hit a $1000/day with her first product
  • Encouraged by a supportive husband
  • Launched a product that she was personally passionate about
  • Growing the brand and launching more products
  • The learning community and coaching call is amazing!

Kyle G. doing close to $200,000 a Month!

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Started Amazon 6 years ago
  • I was struggling with the business and the course came in my youtube suggestions..
  • After the course, launched tons of products
  • Doing somewhere around $200k/Month
  • There’s a lot of noise out there but at the end of the day its about results and taking action
  • You were a 100% real about your results and those results showed
  • Everything that you shared on your course has worked!

It allowed me to skip over mistakes that i would’ve made if i didn’t take the course - JP Y.

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • I was running a tech company and stock trader
  • It gave me a guideline from product research phase to launch phase
  • Its more about student than a teacher
  • Making between $12-20k/Month
  • You made me feel comfortable launching my succeeding products
  • The community is great!

Robert making $100,000 a month with only 3 products...

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Started in October 2017
  • BCIT for 2 years
  • Wanted freedom and not having to work for someone
  • Started Amazon to have a better lifestyle
  • First sale in July 2019
  • Started making $20-30k in revenue with the first product
  • Product research… go for the quality products
  • Went from $15k/month to $100k/month in sales in 2-3 months
  • Invest in yourself and believe that you can actually do it!

Construction worked turned into Full Time Amazon Seller - making 15k/Month

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • Been doing construction work for the last 15 Years!
  • Always wanted to be my own Boss..
  • Saw your instagram ad and instantly messaged!
  • Got my first product live in November 2019
  • Making $15k/Month!
  • Was emailing you so much and you were replying right away/li>
  • Anyone that’s indecisive… Just do it! You’re never gonna know if you don’t try…
  • Guys… Take a chance!!!

International student making $20/Month in Revenue with no experience

Some Of The Key Highlights Of This Case Study:

  • International student from Korea
  • Joined in 2019
  • Had no experience in e-commerce
  • Good thing is that you and your team gives support
  • Generating around $20k in revenue with 1 product
  • Its been really good for me
  • You learn everything that you need to know
  • It seemed unreal to me but it works… You need to take a leap of faith!